Italian tomato

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The Italian tomato, in particular the peeled San Marzano, is very good for preservation because it’s very resistant and contains the right amount of water. The quality of this fabulous vegetable ranges from region to region, but the authentic peeled tomato is just that from Campania (which is why it is the most used in Italian cuisine).

Unfortunately, tomato is a great business, especially regaring the production of salsa and the preservation of cherry tomatoes.

Salsa tomato is very often imported and the origin is not always distinctive and synonymous with quality assurance; The numerous cases of re-labeling and manipulation of information related to the origin of the production are known.

The same thing is investing in tomato cultivation: many foreign firms are able to recreate perfect clones in the laboratory starting from seed.

So how do we protect ourselves and be assured of using a quality Italian DOC tomato? My advice is to use the peeled ones!

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